Motivational Tips To Inspire You For Success

Be Motivated

We discover that the desire and zeal to become successful is inherent in all human beings. Becoming successful is a desire to grow, do more things, and being able to achieve more things and the most important part of it all is seeing our dreams come true.

The strong desire and likeness you have towards success is the only key that will allow your dreams become reality.

In this article,you will be reading about some tips, which I believe will assist you through your path of growth and becoming successful.

1.What we imagine, at times becomes reality.

Just take a deep imagination of something over and over again, do this with love, joy and passion, and maybe now or after, then put what you have imagined into your life, you have to ensure you don’t give room for negative thought in your mind, you will discover what you imagine is already becoming a reality gradually in your life. Even in the bible its written

“whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things arehonest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoeverthings are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be anyvirtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things” Phil 4:8

Note, you can start with simple imagination first, by doing that, you will gain faith and more knowledge and experience with this process. Dwell on positive things, you will see your imaginations and actions change towards that.

2. Practice every day, because what you do every day becomes a habit.

There is this research that says it takes an average of 21days to build habit. it becomes part of you.Select habits that you know will lead you to becoming a successful person,ensure you repeat these habits often. In no time, you will find out that those habits you selected are already part of you, this won’t need thought, effort or attention. There are lots of habits you can adopt, habits like positive thought, timely thinking, being extra considerate, the power to stay focused during tough situations.  Like most bodybuilders, to achieve their desired body shape they have to keep practicing daily towards their goals, each day counts for them, so it is for anything. I will say practice, practice, practice!!! 

3. Don’t let your mood control you.

Allowing your mood to determine your life is just like you sitting inside a boat and allowing waves and current throw you wherever they want. The ability to create self-discipline and inner strength is simply like adding reinforcement to your building foundation. when you add this, you will discover you have gained the power to control your mind whenever you want to. We have the power to control how we feel about something or situation. Most times we can’t control how things happen, but we can control how to react about them. Be in control of your emotions, as you practice positive thoughts as stated in point 2, you will realize how easy it is to control your emotions.

4. Break any obstacle

Obstacles makes us stronger, smarter, better and more strategic. But a life without obstacles is not worth living as they bring out the best in us, because engage our mind and brain power.Even in games there are always obstacles and you go higher whenever you cross or overcome one. So don’t be afraid of obstacles. Most times, the best thing you have to do to become a successful human being is to break any obstacles you find on your way of becoming successful. And again, the best option you can go with is climbing over these obstacles or go around it. Obstacles also helps you to discover new ways on how to do things or solve a problem.

5. Never lose hope.

You don’t have to give up on any situation, regardless of how tough things looks. The rope that you will use to climb to the mountain of your success is HOPE. Hope is your strength and it stands as a connection between you and your success. If you want all your dreams and goals to come through, then dream and never give up. With hope being your strength then no dream is impossible. Believe in possibility.

I will leave you with this quote;

“Tough times never last, but tough people do” Robert H. Schuller

To your success

Lawrence Obi