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Discovering Yourself

This is part four from my series on self-discovery, you can read the sequel by following these links Part 1, part 2 and Part 3.

This is the concluding part of the series and I am discussing three things here, passion, instinct, and spirituality. please follow me, subscribe, and drop your feedback. If this is your first time reading my article, I will advise you to go back and read the previous ones I mentioned earlier as they will help you to understand this concluding part.

The aim of this article is to help people, especially the younger ones who are still struggling with their identity to discover themselves and the potential they have inside of them. The next series after this will be how to develop all that you have discovered, stay glued, and don’t forget to drop your feedback or reach out to me through my email. happy reading.

Your Desires (Passion)

Your desire to succeed, excel or see something done in the right way is what we call passion. A lot of people are passionate but they do not channel it properly to achieve success. Your passion should push you harder and make you more committed and dedicated to a cause. What you are passionate about is a pointer to what you are meant to achieve or who you really are.

Dr. Cosmos Maduka, the Chairman of Coscharis Group, left school at the age of six and never went to a formal school. He shot himself to success by self-learning because he was passionate to succeed. When your passion is stronger than your desire for food or luxury, you push yourself to the limelight and success. Today, Dr. Maduka is worth $500 million (2017 data), managing businesses that cut across almost all sectors – manufacturing, automobile, technology, agro-business, etc. Your passion is very important and can make a great difference in your life. Do not neglect your passion. Don’t be weary when your passion is not giving you what you want yet, just keep pushing and never give up. With time, your results will start showing if you don’t quit.

I also want to share this story about Zee Obi, my wife.  She is a household name when it comes to home-schooling, intentional parenting, and early childhood education. Zee discovered herself through her passion and desire to see children raised in a proper way, and she decided that for kids to be raised properly, parents need to be very intentional in their approach. Also she found out that the dynamics in parenting have changed over the years and so the curriculum and teaching techniques need to also change.

She has been leading a very strong revolution on social media platforms and has also developed training programs for parents and kids to have fun learning. In the beginning, it was quite difficult for both of us to come to terms with it, but we since found out that even I needed that training. She has thereafter developed curriculums and programs to help parents and children alike. Her passion has kept her moving and very focused. It’s not always easy at the beginning but as I said earlier, don’t ever give up, keep pushing.

Your Instinct

Instinct is a very strong driving force in every person; it links our passions to our skills or vocations. Our instincts help us to discover who we really are and what are innate. It’s like that inner conviction you have in you about yourself and who you really are. We need to start following our instincts. Sometimes your instinct might defy statistics, but I believe it’s the strongest force put in man by God to discern the right thing or the right decision to make per time. Instinct is a very strong force.

Some of the greatest people who have built billion-dollar businesses today followed their instincts even when there was nothing to support it.

Our instincts drive our passions and actions, while our actions display our behaviour. What controls our instincts as humans are those things that have been inculcated in us over the past years, especially during our formative years (0 to 8 years).  Research has shown that during these years, everything we need to succeed in life has already been captured by us.  According to UNICEF:

“Early childhood, which spans the period up to 8 years of age, is critical for cognitive, social, emotional and physical development.”

Our instincts are greatly developed at this stage. So follow your instinct. In the story of Paddy Adenuga’s bid for Chevron Netherlands, his instincts told him to make a bid of a particular amount. His colleagues and partners who relied on data only strongly restrained him from making the said bid and it so happened that the amount was the winning bid for that company. Your instinct is very strong, follow it. you can read it here

Your Spirituality

Apple creates apple products and puts in their manuals to define their functionalities. The manual tells us what the product can do and cannot do, it describes the capacity of the device and every feature associated with it. With the manual, you can easily understand how to use the device and how to maximize its capabilities.

As human beings I believe we were created by a Spiritual Being, that’s why I call us spiritual beings. Thus, we must have a manual created by our Creator, which entails all our capabilities and features. Therefore, to understand yourself better, you must discover what is written in your manual. This discovery is only possible through your spirituality.

While discovering myself I had to ask my creator, deep questions. I wanted to know what I have been designed for and how I can function perfectly as intended by God. As a Christian, the following Bible verse is one that really struck me.

Jeremiah 33:3: “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.”

These unsearchable things I discovered are things about myself. You must be ready to spend time with your Creator to get this information and discover who you really are. It doesn’t come easy but it is achievable. I am able to achieve this through deep reflection and meditation on the words in the Bible.

There is always a voice that speaks within your spirit and helps you to search wide into your personality.  Your spirituality is connected to your physical life. I am well convinced that the spiritual always controls the physical. Everything that happens in the physical has already been designed and concluded in the supernatural. Endeavour to explore your spirituality if you truly want to discover who you are.

To your success

Lawrence Obi