5 Easy Steps To Prepare For Your Professional Exam

Be Psychologically Ready – Most times you need to prepare your mind before you can even go into an exam; your mind is the key to unlocking your inner strength for studying. Studying can be difficult when you are not ready for it, you need to tell yourself that ‘I must prepare for this exam and  set time for that.

Fix Your Exam Date and Pay For It- Book for the date so that you can’t change it.  This has helped me, because when I remember that the date cannot be changed and that I have paid for it, I become more serious about it. I am compelled to plan so that the money is not wasted. It helps you think about getting value for your money.

Draw Out Your Study Plans– It is good to study to the way you easily comprehend’ Most people have different study styles and study time; don’t try to read in the night if you are not that kind of person otherwise you will be frustrated. Also don’t force yourself to study for 10 hours when your assimilation threshold is 5 hours. Many people deceive themselves because they want to impress people that they can read or actually read for 10 hours. Don’t read to cram, read for understanding; what you cram can easily be lost but what you understand becomes part of you. If possible join a study group or form a group of people preparing for similar exams and share idea, this is very effective.

Practice Questions – It’s very important that you practice questions, look for exam dumps both online and printed, try as much questions as you can. Ensure that any unsolved or failed questions you encounter during practice is solved before your exam, there is every likely hood you will encounter such questions in the exam. Don’t be too hard on yourself if a concept is becoming difficult for you to understand, either you look for someone to assist you or research it. Google is your friend, when I was preparing for my PMP I got some useful answers on google.

Be Confident – Be confident of yourself and trust God to help you. Sometime due to overconfidence you can blank out in exam. During my last professional exam, I was blank the first 5munites, then I got an incline within me to relax my brain for 5munites and after that I prayed silently “God I need your help”. Most times we are so confident of ourselves and forget that God has the power to make all things work out fine for us. Most times we trust in our preparedness and level of knowledge, but your preparation can fail you. So trust God in all situations.

Go and be successful.

Images from: google images