4-Things That Will Increase Your Income Potential

To earn additional income in 2019

You need to have the following:

1. A Product or Service that is solving a particular need in demand. There is no business without a product or service, even if you create a product or service, they must be in demand or there must be people who needs it and are willing to pay money for it.

2. Ability to Sell: Products don’t just sell themselves people need to sell them. Either through advert, face to face marketing or other social media marketing. As a product owner you must have this skill to sell what you manufacture to potential customers. You must be willing and hungry to sell your products.

3. Humility to Sell: To sell you must be humble, and willing to hear things you might not like from your potential customers, some with even want to educate you on your products, its not bad it’s just part of the whole game. That customer is holding your potential money in his pocket and only your ability and humility will force him to bring it out of his pocket and give it to you.

4. Good communication skills: Communication is everything, I have seen people who have good products or services but don’t know how to communicate the value to potential customers, or sell it to them. it’s the most frustrating experience to any sales person or product owner.

You must build your communication skills. You must know the right word to use to sell your products. you must practice how you want to sell, till you become extremely good at it that when you are woken up suddenly you will repeat the same thing.

These four things will guarantee and increase your income potentials in 2019.

Don’t wish for income, be deliberate about it.

To your Success

Lawrence Obi