Recruiting New Customers Through Referrals

One of the easiest ways to get new customers or leads in your business is through referrals.
Through referrals you get customers easily without spending additional funds on marketing and advertising and most times these referrals will come through the following.
  • Mouth to mouth: Customers telling their family and friend about the product and services you offer.
  • Email: Someone sending your product email to his contacts.
  • Social Media: Social media referrals is huge and easy take advantage of it. people tag others on your product & services.
  • Mobile Phone: Your customers give out your phone numbers and you get calls from prospects.
Referrals have been the major way I have been recruiting new customers on a daily basis and keep seeing my customer base grow day by day through this means.
Don’t neglect your referrals.
why will people refer their friends, family and others to you?
– A Good product or Service,
– Appropriately priced for the target market.
– Good customer experience.
– Flexibility; your product and service must be flexible, not rigid
if a customer perceived your product or service will solve an existing problem he or she is aware of, they will definitely refer you to their connection.
You can also get referrals by asking, don’t just close a deal with one customer and you close the chapter, ask for referrals, its a good business practice.