1. Ask yourself if you really want to take the exam and the value you are going to derive from getting the credential.

Have a reason for wanting to get the credential. Some people think immediately you pass the exam or called a project manager automatically you become successful or land that awesome project management Job in a blue chip company, friend you will be highly disappointed.

2. Make a commitment to your decision: now that you have made up your mind when do you want to sit for the exam?, draw out a plan, are you willing to invest in materials & training? As this comes with associated costs, so you must be financially ready. Then register for the exam and chose a date with at least 3 to 4 months ahead.

3. How do you want to study? Are you a self learner or you need to be trained to understand the concept. For me I attended a training and I studied, even though I have been managing projects.

“I started as if I don’t know anything on project management , this was also advised by my instructor, this will help you in asking and understanding the concept better”

4. Buy and work through Rita Mulcahy’s book; this book is more clinical and easy to understand, it breaksdown all you need to know on preparing for the PMP exam and understanding project management. It also comes with alot of practice questions, for me I studied Rita’s book and used the PMBOK as reference.

5. Ensure you understand the relationship between the Process Groups and the knowledge Areas. Very important, don’t cram them but understand it and ensure you can replicate it over and over again.

6. Ensure you attempt all the questions and strive to understand your failures, don’t just say I will read it up latter, because you will always forget. that question you skipped might show up in a different form in the exam and then you remember you never understood the concept.

7. Try other online exams, there are lots of free test platforms online like www.headfirstlab.comwww.pm-exam-simulator.com etc. These platforms help a great deal. if possible register on ww.projectmanagement.com they have loads of information at a reduced cost to help you prepare.

8. Go and sit for the exam.

If you are preparing for the exam, I encourage you to ask questions here and we hope to help provide answers and guidance as you study.

To Your Success

Lawrence Obi

Image Credit: Canva.com