Don’t take “No” As your final Verdict

In the pursuit of your dreams and aspirations, you will get a lot of “No’s” from people who are supposed to be your potential customers, family, investors or even collaborators.

These “No’s” could come in different ways, it could be;

Outright No, Silence, Facial reaction, suggesting a different thing entirely or discouraging you from continuing in that area. But the most important factor is your conviction not someones else opinion. People could suggest or advise but also remember its not their vision or goals, its yours and the decision is 100% yours to make.

If you are not careful those “No’s” could derail your vision, lead to frustration and depression.

“No’s” I believe are necessary and help the very focused and determined person to fine tune what they have to offer, how they want to offer it and how it will benefit their potential users, customers or investors.

I remember when I wanted to start my business. severally, we got a lot of No’s. even from those close to you, not that they hate you, but out of genuine love and fear that they don’t want you to fail and maybe become a burden. While others genuinely don’t just want you to succeed as they might see you as competition.

For me, I had this conviction already in me to push forward and go ahead without entertaining a “No”. No one was going to make me change my mind. Which was exactly what I did and today the rest they say is history, and the business is employing several people and servicing over 1,000 customers monthly.

That you heard “No” the first time doesn’t mean a final decision have been taken on you and doesn’t also mean the door is closed, in fact my first customer said “No”, but she ended up signing up with us. Several still even say no to date.

Don’t settle for “No” as your final decision in whatsoever you do but make them your building block and don’t ever look back.

To Your Success

Lawrence Obi