7 Simple Business Plan HEADINGS

Most people see business plan as a complicated thing to write or put together. Yes it could be complicated. But this depends on the size and type of the business you are about to launch or launching.

So here I have put together basic headings to help you put your business plan together.

1. Summary: this is a description of what you intend to achieve, the problem you want to solve and what the business is all about.

2. The Opportunities: why are you going into this business what are the opportunities for you and anyone venturing or investing into it.

3. Your findings/ Research: if you did any findings or research, what is the data backing this plan, the data convinces who ever looks at the document that this plan makes sense.

E.g you researched and found out that there are over 500 people within an environment. And there is no business center around, and people have to travel 1kilometer to get that service.

4. Execution: how do you intend to execute this plan. In this I mean the approach you are or will be using to implement your plan

5. Required Resources: what are the required resources you need to execute, here you have to be as detailed as possible don’t leave anything left out.

6. Your Financial Projections: this is the most critical part that any Investor will want to see. This is where you show the cost benefit analysis, cash flow and the ROI. This also shows when the business is to break even time for any Investor which includes you.

7. Your profile & those involved: this will show your pedigree, experience and the executive team involved. Very important if you are pitching to investors, they want to see if you have the capacity to execute or run this plan.

With these points I believe you are good to go on any business plan you want to build.

Making things simple is always better and writing a business plan is always the best way to go in any business.

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To your Success

Lawrence Obi