why Christians are admonished in the bible to work – Our Discussion


Several things on my mind we can discuss.

But one that comes to me now as I remembered to bring up a poser is on work

Christians are admonished in the bible to work

The first instruction God gave Adam was to tend the garden which is to work

Why do some Christians feel comfortable begging instead of seeking to work and earn money to add value?


Serious case

What is on my mind is

Marriage and divorce


Ok, and then let’s talk marriage and divorce

What about them?


Know lets discuss yours first

We can discuss mine tomorrow


Well, we may end up discussing both today; sure mine may not take us much time

What is your view on what I asked?


Understanding and also our environment




Our society today have made it difficult for people to work


How does our environment contribute?



Basic ones

Educational system

Social security system

Political system

All of them are not favorable


But some other people are working na



You need to have the understanding and determination that you are a success

What is the percentage?

Compared to how many we churn out on a yearly basis from the universities

How many get admitted on a yearly basis

That eventually ends up in other things

How many dreams are dashed out there?

Because of basic needs


I mean that those who are working are working within the difficult situations

But it is our responsibility to change our environment

Why do we often allow it to influence us and become our excuse?


It is our responsibility

Yes but

It’s your parent’s responsibility to carter for your upbringing

You remember how difficult it was for you growing up paying your fees in school

Many passed through same experience but are no more there today

So it’s the responsibility of the government to create an enabling environment

I think, but understanding makes you rise above those limitations

Knowing who you are you know ride on the word and Gods promises for us and download revelations


That’s why I am wondering

Because we are Christians

Government capacity and responsibility cannot be trusted any longer

just as I was not going to keep waiting for my family to pay my fees in school, but sought ways to ensure that I get educated

That way we ought to dig into our life and seek what can come out of it

Then God gives the increase

I think it has to begin with vision

Just look at it, which is more honorable: begging or doing ‘menial’ jobs?

Obviously in such a developing society like ours, for now we must rely on God to realize our dreams the much we can, not on the government

But we must take the right steps first

I think another issue is mental laziness

And also wrong preaching in some churches, removing responsibility from man

Making it appear as though God would just drop food from above



Corrective actions as Christians

But also remember in the other societies it’s not so

I am not endorsing anybody begging

But we are looking at the possible cause

And why people indulge in that


Yes, we have already acknowledged that our govt is not really doing their part

That is a long run solution




Until we have government that would fulfil its obligations to the people, which all of us must also contribute in making, we still have to do what we have to do


Yes that’s true

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