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To discover is to find something out, get to know an information or search out something, especially for the first time. Examples are; noticing that a particular thing has a special character, or someone has a special ability. You are filled with a level of excitement when you finally discover something, especially when no one else knows about it and you have been searching for it for long.

One of the first steps towards achieving success is discovering who you really are. Many people don’t know themselves and can’t really describe themselves to someone in a simple sentence or say their life purpose without pondering for long. For many people, self-discovery is a long-term phenomenon and they never discover themselves until they are in a period of a major crisis in their lifetime. This shouldn’t be so. I also didn’t know myself until my hunger for self-discovery found me out, and like those who studied Physics would say, it was an ‘Ureka’ moment for me. My friend would call it an ‘aha’ moment.

Self-discovery is not an easy task. It requires hunger, commitment, and time. You don’t rush it; you take it to step by step, ask lots of questions along the line and you must be ready to learn. It’s a hard but very rewarding journey, its easier if you are committed to it and determine to discover and achieve your goal.

I started discovering who I am and what I am capable of doing when I left university. It wasn’t easy because up till that moment, I had been asking a lot of questions on who I was and what I could do and would want to do in life. Even after the initial self-discovery, I still wasn’t convinced until I had a conviction and a self-revelation about who I really was. That was when I knew exactly what I really wanted to do or what I could do. Let’s note here that there are a lot of factors to be considered while going on a journey of self-discovery and this chapter was put together to help you discover those secrets to self-discovery.

Jim Ovia, the Chairman of Zenith Bank Plc, one of top five banks in Nigeria, and a leading African Bank in his recent book, “Africa Arise & Shine”, told the story of how he started, the many different things he had done just to become what he is today – from buying scrapped cars to setting up a mega-bank that is now among the top 1,000 banks globally. He related how he decided to go into banking after discovering himself, his abilities, as well as the opportunities that abound in the banking industry.  Despite the challenges he faced, he kept pushing. The rest is history as they say, but he is able to get to where he is today because he was committed to finding him; he discovered where he was supposed to be and he is maximizing his potential in that field. Even though in the beginning it would seem like you are doing trial and error, but it shapes your mindset and begins to align you to your right place.

here i will share one of the factors to help in self discovery

  1. Your Background: A very important step in the journey of self-discovery is exploring our past. Research has shown that it is not just the things that happened to us that define who we become, but how much we have made sense of what has happened to us over time. The environment and atmosphere in which you grew up is a great determinant of who you become or how you end up in life. A deep reflection into your past will show you why you are where you are and how you can move forward.

By your background, I am referring to those things that have made your family who they are. What is unique about them? It might not be pronounced but it is a very strong pointer to the role you are to play within that clan. Don’t worry if you have a poor background, just focus on those unique factors that differentiate your family; those traits you can remember and be proud of. Some of these inherent family attributes can always be developed and explored for greater achievements.  You might even be the one to break certain jinxes in your family if these attributes are properly harnessed.

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