Thinking Change?

Many people want change to happen to them, but don’t want to go through the process of change, change can come either in your career, family, health, finance, business etc, but let’s focus on business.


Let me give an example; one of my aunt’s have been running a business for three(3) years now and the business have been where it was, even though she made extra income, but she couldn’t just expand as the business came to a halt even though they are still operating. I remember advising her to let me help her build a system that will help the business grow and expand, I gave her advise on how to put her plans together and build a good process and system, but she was skeptical, was looking like I wanted to highjack her business, that was fine I said, even though I have helped a lot more businesses to grow why not my relatives. Three years down the line she came nocking on my door for help, I smiled.

You see is not just about starting a business, but you need to understand how to build systems for business growth, if you really desire to build an organisation that will be beyond providing stipend for you and your family monthly expenses, to being totally financially free and impact other lives(the place of fulfilment).

Change is not an easy process but necessary for growth and fulfilment, and this must first of all be from the inside of him who desires it, before you can begin to apply it in whatever you do, it begins with;
1. The thought process
2. Your thoughts process affects your ideas,
3. Your Ideas changes your emotions,
4. And your emotions will affect your actions.
5. You Action is the driving force for this change, remember yours actions are your daily activities which determines what you can achieve.

These five processes are the change factors and they drive you in the direction you desire to go and the resultant outcome are exciting and very rewarding for the very diligent person.

To be continued….

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Lawrence Obi
Lawrence Obi
Lawrence is a Cards, Payments, Project Management and Sales Expert with over 16years in the Financial Sector. He is passionate about Excellence, Leadership and Innovation, currently chasing interest in digital Payment solutions, blockchain technology, financial Inclusion & tech startups.
Author of the book, Discover, Develop, Deploy

Lawrence has founded several businesses including a Licensed Fintech in Nigeria. He loves writing and sharing knowledge with his audience.
You can reach him on any of his social media handles for enquiries and collaborations.

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