8-Tips On How To Become Indispensable In Your Career

No one is indispensable in an employment, but someone can be indispensable in their career. Why did I say that? Because on the job a lot of factors come to play if one wants to remain in an organisation for a long time, but in a career or profession everyone decides how they want to move on the ladder.

Factors like politics, environment, type of colleagues, supervisors and competition can affect Job security either positively or negatively. To remain sort after and indispensable in a profession these are the eight things to do.

1. Be focused on a particular career: You must be sure of what you want to be known for or your specialty, don’t just be a “Jack of all trade masters of none”. Focus on a particular profession and be a master of it in all angles. You must decide which profession to pursue.

2. Set Goals for what you want to achieve in that profession and ensure you get them, aim to be at the top of that profession.

3. Be Known as someone who gets things done: No matter how difficult or politicized an organisation is, they don’t just discard someone who achieves result, people don’t just recommend achievers to be sacked, they will first of all try to bring your work down, but your achievement will always speak for you.

4. Be known for Integrity, Honesty and Commitment: These three (3) attributes pay a lot and say more things about who you are and what you can achieve. Even as an entrepreneur when people or partners perceive you as dishonest and having no Integrity you will definitely struggle to find a good partner; like attracts like. You will always attract dishonest people. When opportunities come you will always be remembered for the negative and this is the quickest route to being booted out and getting frustrated.

5. Knowledge: they say knowledge is power;
“Those who are informed are always ahead of those who want to be informed”
People will always come to you because you have the information they need to succeed or to execute a task or project. Don’t play with self-development as this keeps you informed.

6. Walk with the Wise: Don’t mingle with those who are known to be low flyers or mediocre’ s as they rub that off on you and automatically your colleagues, acquaintances, boss will see you as being that way. Instead help such people to be better persons.

7. Get Mentorship: This is a must, a mentor helps give you direction and shows you how to avoid making same mistake he must have made when he was like you, a mentor gives you leverage to grow faster. Imagine being the first person the travel a road with pot holes with no signs or direction at all, but getting someone who has travelled that road before will save you a lot of hassles and regrets. With the age of Technology mentorship can be easy and pretty these days.

8. Be professional: Professionalism is not just being good at what you do, but displaying high level of capacity on your career and strong Character in delivering on your Profession or career.

High achievers are always in demand, don’t just wish it but you must be committed to ensure you are at the top of the career.

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Lawrence Obi
Lawrence Obi
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