Follow Your passion: Lessons from My 6-Year-Old Son

Follow Your passion: Lesson from My 6-Year-Old

Most times as people we have something we believe in but something else unknown keeps limiting us from taking actions or steps. This article is about what I learnt from my 6-year-old son on following your passion.

My six-year-old loves riding his bicycle with me. It’s actually fun and we accomplish a lot of feats as per distance but it’s almost 2weeks we went out together because I hardly make time for this due to my tight schedules  in recent times.

So, this Tuesday evening I just told him son we will go for a ride tomorrow morning, please get ready on time so we could go earlier.

At 6am the next day the boy was already by my bed side ready and trying to get my attention for me to wake up and get ready for the ride. So, the following are the things I learnt from him on his passions, which I believe we can learn from and apply to ourselves. 

1.       He gets so excited about his cycling passion: you only get excited about what you love doing or will love to do, so if you are not excited about what you currently do, just know that it’s not a passion.

2.       It prepares his mind: My son gets very prepared and sleeps on time because he wants to wake up at the right time, cuts short his playing time and focuses on the adventure the next day. So, for your passion you need to be mentally prepared When you are mentally ready,  everything sets in place.

3.       Get physically prepared: my son gets prepared the day I tell him for the next day when the ride would hold. He ensures his kits are where he can easily get them, he virtually gets ready a day before. Your passion makes you prepared on time, you want to be ready before and for the actions.

4.       Get kitted for the adventure: on the day proper, getting his kits on becomes so easy and he does it in record time. When you are passionate about something you learn and master what it takes to do it.

5.       Obstacles don’t matter: it doesn’t matter whether it’s raining or the weather is hot or not, he is ready and have to go for the adventure. Those who are passionate about something don’t mind the obstacles. They have already overcome them in their mind; they take on any situation and will keep moving forward, out of love for what they are doing.

6.       No matter the outcome their excitement doesn’t fade. My son’s excitement about cycling never fades away, even if he fell 5times, he will tell you he still wants to ride the next day.

So if you are passionate three major things happen to you, you get mentally prepared, physically prepared and ready to overcome obstacles.

Be passionate, go for greatness.

To your success

Lawrence Obi

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