CAPACITY AND CHARACTER – Keys To Achieving Greater Results

CAPACITY: This has to do with your ability and knowledge. Capacity shows the in-depth of your contents as a person and your ability to provide and proffer solutions to problems in your environment, organization and nation. In a nutshell a problem solving ability.

The question will be, do you have the pre-requisite capacity to achieve your dreams/goals in life and career.

Capacity can also be seen as your;

  1. Skills
  2. Knowledge
  3. Technical know-how
  4. Vision
  5. Mental ability
  6. Power
  7. Contents

Every person needs to develop capacity to be successful in life, your capacity also determines your ability to take in more responsibilities, and so what are you doing to build your capacity? Especially in your chosen field or work.

CHARACTER: Is defined as a mental and moral QUALITIES distinctive to an individual or the combination or features that distinguishes one person, group or thing from another or a distinguishing feature or attribute as of an individual, group or category (from

Character helps you to get to the finish line.

Your character defines or shows the QUALITY of your capacity, while your capacity defines who you are, and who you are shows how successful you are or can be.

Your character distinguishes you from every other person, because it becomes your magnifying lens that showcases your contents. So if your contents are bad, your character will magnify them. Your character will push you ahead of the pack.

To be different develop a good positive and outstanding character.

A Person who has Capacity but lacks Character is just like an airborne plane without a Pilot in the cock pit to land it; you are bound to crash.

Your character shows your leadership potential and is capable of keeping you at the top as you rise in life and career; it also determines your performance.

These two (2) attributes are very important and essential in life.

I will like to hear from your experience, how they have contributed to your success in life and career.

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Lawrence Obi
Lawrence Obi
Lawrence is a Cards, Payments, Project Management and Sales Expert with over 16years in the Financial Sector. He is passionate about Excellence, Leadership and Innovation, currently chasing interest in digital Payment solutions, blockchain technology, financial Inclusion & tech startups.
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Lawrence has founded several businesses including a Licensed Fintech in Nigeria. He loves writing and sharing knowledge with his audience.
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