6 Basics Tips You Need To Succeed.

Just want to share with you what I call Tips for success, even though there might be so many other tips out there but I believe most will fall within this six(6). You can also share your thoughts and opinions.

1. Vision: You must know and understand who you are, because it determines your destiny, if you don’t know who you are you will become desperate and anything or Job that comes your way will be fine. People without Vision will always say “half bread is better than nothing” even though you have the potential to get a full loaf. Your vision has been deposited inside of you and can be discovered by you alone through your actions and experiences; you can also consult life coaches who can help you discover who you are.

2. Knowledge: Knowledge is power and gives you the capacity to make the right decisions. You must know what you want and how you want it, and then you will know the approach to take to get to where you are going. Life is not all about money but purpose always attracts the resources. Knowledge always gives you the power of negotiation in life and career and you become indispensable, because knowledge can only be acquired with time. This is the capacity you need to develop. So it’s not cheap.

3. Planning: You need to plan how you are going to succeed after you have acquired the knowledge; it has to be deliberately written down. Your plans have to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely (SMART). Planning helps to guide us on how we are moving, what we have achieved and if we are derailing. Sometimes your plans will need readjustment or some changes. Life is progressive and changes are inevitable, so be prepared.

4. Faith: This is the confidence that you need, to be able to achieve and stand on your plans. Faith is an action word and needs you to act on what has been written down. Faith is the propelling force that pushes us to act, without faith you seem to be inactive, so you need to build on your faith on a daily basis by reading, especially your visions and plans.

5. Execution: This is the phase of implementing all that you have planned; this can also be called implementing. Your implementation has to be gradual and in phases, otherwise you will be wearied with a lot of activities and then get bored. Implementing gradually helps you to be able to measure the little successes you have been able to achieve and where you need to make changes. Many people have abandoned their Visions and plans because they took on so many activities at a time.

6. Character: This is what you need to sustain your success, success without character can be temporary, and many successful people have experienced a fall in their life due to their inability to sustain their achievement. Until you develop your character you might not be able to stay at the top.

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