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I believe everyone is blessed with an idea, that is; God given ability to solve a problem, but a lot of people lack the courage or the know-how to turn it into a money-making venture. People get ideas because they are supposed to use it to solve a problem and meet someone’s need and in exchange you get a returned value for providing the solution. If you are not a solution provider, then you must be part of the problem.

These are some of the factors that deter people from fulfilling their dreams:
• Fear of the unknown, what if? Syndrome, fear of failure; they are not sure if the idea is going to work. You need to ask yourself, how about if it works out big?
• Laziness to put in time to research and know about what you want to do, these days there almost no information you can’t get online.
• Some people also say I don’t think it’s a good idea as its looks different from what every other person is doing,
• while some want to make the money like yesterday then they abandon their God given ideas and skills and begin to copy other people’s ideas for instant cash.

These are real challenges and excuses people give in order to console themselves from starting that business. But if you must change your situation and begin to fulfil purpose, you must;

1. Be courageous to start that idea as a business, a lot of people need your services or that product
2. Don’t compare yourself with other people, they are also struggling with their own problems.
3. Think of how that idea can be someone’s solution.
4. Focus on your skills and the ideas, forget the challenges, but just know that challenges will come but they should not stop you, instead they should make you stronger and more resolute to succeed.
5. Don’t let money be a hindering factor, think the solution first, do something and the funds will definitely come. Ideas only come to those who are thinking while money is exchanged for value.
6. Don’t be quick to tell everyone about what you want to do until you have perfected the plan. Some friends have a way of making your idea look silly except those who you know will always add value.

Ideas flow like network and its available to those who pick the signal and begin to make use of it, don’t wait till someone starts implementing your idea, then you start regretting why you haven’t taken any action.

Don’t just sit there and watch other people do great things and fulfill purpose, while you wake up every morning looking for “ogi & akara” to fill your stomach. Take Action.

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Lawrence Obi
Lawrence Obi
Lawrence is a Cards, Payments, Project Management and Sales Expert with over 16years in the Financial Sector. He is passionate about Excellence, Leadership and Innovation, currently chasing interest in digital Payment solutions, blockchain technology, financial Inclusion & tech startups.
Author of the book, Discover, Develop, Deploy

Lawrence has founded several businesses including a Licensed Fintech in Nigeria. He loves writing and sharing knowledge with his audience.
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