Personal Branding: Key To Selling Out

A woman came to me last week and said her business wasn’t moving. She gave excuses and good reasons why it wasn’t moving.
We sat down and looked at what she sells and Immediately I gave her a list of 5 other people who are doing the same business and are doing well. luckily she had another older lady who came with her and have been running a similar business for 15 years and she is happy and was doing well.

looking at her and the information I got from my team, I knew exactly why she is struggling in that business. even though other people are excelling.

So I had to take her up on personal branding; which we focused more on this three

  • Personal Hygeine
  • Environment and
  • Presentation(packaging)

most times people just think because they are good or skilled at doing something, they don’t need to border anymore about the three things I mentioned above.

For example: if you run a restaurant, no matter how well you cook, Your personal hygiene, the environment you cook and the food presentation will determine the type, quality and number of customers you get. and this will impact on your bottom line(revenue).

People look at you before they can buy your product, because your product represents who you are.

So build on your personal brand.

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Lawrence Obi
Lawrence Obi
Lawrence is a Cards, Payments, Project Management and Sales Expert with over 16years in the Financial Sector. He is passionate about Excellence, Leadership and Innovation, currently chasing interest in digital Payment solutions, blockchain technology, financial Inclusion & tech startups.
Author of the book, Discover, Develop, Deploy

Lawrence has founded several businesses including a Licensed Fintech in Nigeria. He loves writing and sharing knowledge with his audience.
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