Productivity Series – Time And Task Management

12 students

The Productivity series contains three modules. Each module is packaged to deliver the solution you need for the challenge of low productivity.

Module 1: How to be time conscious

The purpose of this lesson is to help you discover how to move from trying to manage time to becoming conscious of time.

Module 2: How to apply time

The purpose of this lesson is to help you understand the various ways to apply time on your journey to achieving higher productivity.

Module 3: How to manage tasks.

The purpose of this lesson is to help you understand how to manage your tasks to achieve higher productivity.

We are glad that you have chosen this course and we promise to deliver beyond your expectations.

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  • How To Be Time Conscious

    The specific objectives are: Learn the need for Time Consciousness, Learn how to deal with procrastination, Learn the connection between your personality and Time, Learn the attitudes that would help you maintain time consciousness

  • How To Apply Time

    The specific objectives are: Learn how to make time, Learn how to spend time, Learn how to invest time, Learn how to save time, Learn how not to waste time

  • How To Manage Tasks

    The specific objectives are: Learn how to define your tasks, Learn how to schedule your tasks, Learn the tools for managing tasks, Learn how to delegate tasks


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Nwakerendu Fort Ike, PhD is a Communications professional with over 15 years experience in Administration, Training Corporate Communications and Customer Service. He is also a Researcher and Communications Scholar with several articles in the area of Business, Development Communication, media influence, and Media Technology. He has handled trainings in Personal Development, Corporate and Personal Values as well as Finance. Ike has authored a number of books in the areas of leadership and personal development namely: Act on Your Dream, Don’t Quit. He is the founder of Youngsters Mentors Foundation, a Non-Government, Not for Profit Organisation. He is also the initiator of Couples connect, a marriage and sex coaching platform. Nwakerendu holds a doctorate degree in Mass Communication from Covenant University. He holds other qualifications in Public Relations, Management and Leadership. He has attended several trainings within and outside his core areas.

8 thoughts on “Productivity Series – Time And Task Management

  1. Gospel says:

    This course is very vital for offices and establishments. I got so much value from it.Thank you for putting this together.

  2. Iyke says:

    This course is so beneficial to busy business owners like me.
    Thank you Nwandu for putting this together .

  3. Ose says:

    This course captures what I needed to improve my productivity. It has added value to me. Grateful that I took the course. Thank you

  4. Zee Obi says:

    The course is practical, straight to the point and worth it.
    Thank you so much for puting this together.

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