Just want to share some of our work on this topic, enjoy and respond with your solution to Ola’s problem

The name “problem-solving” is assigned to learning approaches based upon the scientific method of enquiry.

These approaches are built upon John Dewey’s five steps of general problem-solving:

1. Defining the problem

2. Formulating tentative hypotheses,

3. Collecting, evaluating, organizing and interpreting data,

4. Reaching conclusions, and

5. Testing those conclusions

And also there are other approaches of problem solving as outlined by Sam Adeyemi (Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Center); which are Attitude and Technical competence.

Problem solving cannot actually be defined in the real sense until the problem is solved. Your attitude towards a problem determines how you approach and eventually solve it, based on this approach.

Below is typical problem encountered by Ola assuming you are in Ola’s shoes, try to solve this problem and share your approach and why.

The problem: Ola’s father critically sick and wants to see Ola, but Ola also has a meeting that could change his life and his family’s even his dad’s on the sick bed at the same time, which will Ola put on hold, ten (10) minute ride to see his dad or thirteen (13) minutes ride to $200,000?

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