12 Life Lessons


  1. Don’t budget on what you have not earned or what you cannot work for.
  1. Don’t buy what you don’t like just because its cheap, you will regret it in the long run as quality matters.
  1. Don’t go for the very cheap items because they don’t last long.
  1. Don’t say what you cannot retrieve because the walls actually have ears.
  1. Don’t wait for the last minutes to take a decision – this might cost you the opportunity.
  1. Don’t let your decision making be based on friends, colleagues, situation or circumstances because your case might be peculiar and know that you are not heading to the same destination.
  1. Don’t beg for something because that will cost you your dignity and respect.
  1. Don’t be lazy because that will definitely turn you into a beggar.
  1. Don’t ignore advises even if it sounds foolish that might save you.
  1. Don’t walk with idiots because that will make you one.
  1. Don’t ignore knowledge because that is the key to power.
  1. Go for the top quality item as they are much cheaper in the long run but might be expensive now.

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