Most people complain of their inability to start up their businesses due to lack of capital. Some might be genuine while others will definitely be due to their in ability to show credibility to managing resources. This could be through their lifestyle and other things people might have noticed. Even when they go to the banks they find out their credit request is turned down. This is because the banks also have some criteria’s they use for credit scoring. which includes a customers character.

I was having a discussion yesterday with one of my CEO friends Mr Chidibere Ejimofor. The  MD of Pally Enterprises a banker turned entrepreneur, who built his business empire from scratch in 2013, to a Multimillion Naira business today. With offices and warehouses in Lagos and other locations.

Mr Chidi started his business on the strength of his character and ability to be trusted with resources. He recounted how he will pick products from people, promised to pay within a particular period and ensures he pays no matter what the situation or outcome might be even if it was not profitable.

The high points of our discussion.

1.       Character is very key in business: Mr Chidiebere recounted a story of one of his business partners who will always ask for products from him to resell but will never keep to his words when its time of repayment, he will finish selling and use the funds for other businesses, so he decided to stop advancing business credit to this partner and today this fellow can’t do business without having cash for payment, as everyone knows him not to be credit worthy due to his character.

2.       People can entrust you with enormous resources when you can keep to your words: He recounted another partner who started business with nothing, just came to ask him for assistance, he didn’t ask for cash but products to resell, he remembers this particular man will always pay back on time even when he used to collect products less than a N100,000, but today he grants business credits worth millions to this partner without worrying as he knows he will always pay without even a reminder and on time.

3.       A lot of people have skills or capacity, but your character will be the differentiator: You might have tremendous skills, but if you lack the right character to back it up, it will be a waste. Your skills will always take you to the top but it’s your character that will sustain you at the top.  

4.       People partner with those who they can trust especially when it comes with funds and other resources, nobody want to partner with someone they know has a character flaw.

5.       The more consistent you are the higher your value in business; when someone can trust you with a 100k today they will in turn trust you with a 100million over time.

Build Your Character.

The Power of VISION

VisionVision is the ability to see beyond the present, even when there is no sign to point you to what you can see, but you see something that has not materialized but believe it can materialize.
A Vision is what can be fulfilled in your life time while a dream might not materialize in your lifetime; this is a clear difference between both.
Your old men will dream dreams; your young men will see visions. Joel 2:28
Vision gives you the ability and energy to forge ahead in the midst of challenges and difficulties.
Vision is a propelling force that pushes a man forward to achieve his plans or lifelong goals.
Vision is for the young at heart, who desire to make a difference in his world.
A man with vision makes a dent on the world.


1. The Length of Your Goals: if your goals are short term, you will achieve short term results while long term goals puts you into perspective and enlarges your capacity to see, just like you cannot use a binoculars to see the outer space. The length of your goals affects the resources you put out to plan to achieve your vision.

2. Your Lifestyle: if your you live your life for the now, you are definitely going to have a myopic vision as your vision will not be beyond the present as you don’t see need for tomorrow as you will tell yourself lest live now and wait for tomorrow to come, this attitude doesn’t give you the force to plan for the future.

3. Your Mindset: your vision is actually shaped by your mindset; this is your attitude, outlook, mentality, believe system and your approach to life, this has destroyed allot of destinies as its particularly dangerous for those who are not teachable or who refuse to learn, their believe is final and nothing can change it, except they have a personal experience, and personal experience is not the best way to learn as some experiences might be very dangerous , its best to learn from peoples experiences.

4. Your Thoughts: what you ponder about matters, what you meditate on matters also and all these affect what you can see in the future, if you think limitations you will see limitations, if you think obstacles you will only see obstacles, your thoughts are actually a very strong vision magnifier or it can blur it.

5. Your Associations and Friends: your associations affect the size of your vision, if your friends or you associate with people who have a 2by2 vision they will cut down your 12by12 vision to their 2by2 vision, so in your best interest associate yourself with people who have a more bigger and larger vision as they will help to stretch your vision further. so mingle with people that have vision, not visionless people.
There is a popular adage that says “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.
Also in the Holy bible its says “Proverbs 13:20 He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm”

6. Your Exposures: a lot of people want to stay in their comfort zone forever, they don’t want to travel to other cities, visit locations, eat out, meet other people go for programs, attend a course etc., how will you expand your eyes as what you see affects your vision.

if you have never seen or entered a high performance car before how will you aspire to have one as you cannot tell the difference with your old 1999 Toyota Carina 11, you will even believe there is no car like that, that even owning one is a waste of money and resources. You heard someone bought a pair of shoes for N20,000 you are thinking is he mad why all the waste?

Poverty is also a very strong factor as a lot of people are not just poor but they are very poor in the mind, poverty is first from the mind then it begins to manifest in the outside.
Vision is a powerful tool for a man to shape his future, run from a man that has no vision as he will definitely drag you a mile backward towards poverty and hopelessness.
Stay true to yourself and believe you can

Lawrence obi