Are We Really Designed For Competition?

Competition is a human nature

Competition deals with trying to win something that another person is also trying to win. It is about measuring oneself to another person’s standard with the intention of doing what the person does. Competition is a human nature, likely fueled by greed, self-interest, envy, pride, revenge, self-recognition or desire for fame. This is not consistent with God’s plan for love. The story of the first family in the bible shows the result of competition between Cain and Abel. it was not a pleasant  end.

Competition could be beautiful if it flows from love and desire to help each other grow to maximize potential.

God did not create man to compete with each other but for love, development, support and complement one another.

God created every man with uniqueness that cannot be replicated by others, even in doing the same thing we have our own uniqueness. But our society has created a false competition among each other beginning from a young age at school, we have groomed and keep grooming our children to compete without discovering their uniqueness and this has molded us to who we are today. For children at early stage learning should be for knowing and not for competition, while for adults competition should be for leisure, love and mastery.

These days, unhealthy competitions are seen on social media platforms, especially when it comes to showing wealth and displaying money with the young and the old trying to be like the pictures they see of other people that look perfect. People try hard to replicate what they see without considering their uniqueness.

Photo Canvas: Display of wealth on Social Media

Why do people always look to others as a yardstick to measure their growth and development? We are not designed to compete or be like the other person. we are never in a competition with any other person but we compete with who you are meant to be. Unhealthy competition has sent a lot to their early graves.

Our faces are different so are our problems, needs and aspirations, they can never be the same.

That someone is succeeding in an area or field doesn’t mean you must venture in that area or want to be exactly like them. In trying to do that we miss our essence and uniqueness.

Know your uniqueness and find your place. If you haven’t, keep searching.

Don’t let people, friends, partners cage you into becoming like them. Always reaffirm and bring out your uniqueness as that’s what makes the difference.

Be unique, be bold; be confident.

To Your Success

Lawrence Obi

How Powerful is Your Vision?

Vision determines how far and how clearly you can see.

When you are able to see and comprehend, you are likely to achieve or attain what you see.

I am not sharing this to claim that I have figured everything out, especially for those who are struggling with one thing or the other but to help that person see things differently based on my personal experience. Even after reading you still don’t understand? Don’t be discourage keep pushing.

How far you can see determines what you can see, how you can see it and what you interpret it to be. This same ability also applies to our achievements. The bible says Jesus seeing the glory that was set before him endured the cross (Heb. 12.2).  Your ability to see and conceptualize the future determines your level of endurance and perseverance.

Those who see the future don’t border about the current challenges because they know the future holds more gratifying experience compared to the present and temporary pain they may experience.

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To further buttress this point God said to Abraham in Gen 13: 14-15:

“And the Lord said to Abram, after lot had separated from him: Lift up your eyes now and look from the place where you are – northward, southward, eastward, and westward; for all the land which you see I give to you and your descendants forever.”

So don’t limit yourself, God has no limit to what he wants you to get, but what you can see and conceptualize. The more you see the more capacity you build to handle the process to get to where you are supposed to be and the better your plan and strategy to get there.

This also applies in wealth creation, If you are planning to increase wealth or influence to a global scale you must be able to see the globe and then design a strong strategy to conquer it.

What happens is your subconscious begins to draw an image of what you see, it will also create a strong desire to attain and then begin to generate ideas on how to go about it. You subconscious begin to create an image for you.

So your vision is so powerful and strong that with it you are unstoppable, it gives you energy to confront obstacles. This is a Law of the Spirit.

Don’t limit yourself keep pushing. how to create vision

 It might not be in the immediate but it will surely come.

To your Success

Lawrence Obi